Back in Norway for May 17th


When planning our flight back to Norway, we kept Norway’s constitution day in mind. It is a very festive day celebrated by the young, the old and everyone in between. Everybody who owns a bunad, our national costume, wears it on this day.

Kids walk in parades, marching bands play, we sing and we eat ice cream and hot dogs. The day is very family oriented, while the evening is spent with friends on roof top patios. At least that is what we did! Hipp, Hipp Hurra!





What a fun day to come back to!


4 thoughts on “Back in Norway for May 17th

  1. Brent Pikolas

    Hey Kyler, I hope that in that photo of you guys all dressed up holding Norwegian flags that you at least have some Canandian flag boxers or socks on, I can picture the great one having the furrowed brow of concern over that photo. You don’t want to worry the Gretz.

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