Getting Geared Up for the Next Adventure!


No turning back now! We are getting super psyched for our next adventure.
Our bikes are assembled and have clocked about 150km, our butts and legs are getting ready, we hope. It turns out that biking the length of Norway takes a bit of packing and planning, who knew. In between getting jobs lined up for the fall and visiting friends, we have been running (and biking;) around collecting critical gear for our journey. We were kindly given a bike map of Norway from the Norwegian cycling foundation and have busted out the highlighter. We are finding it tricky to evaluate what is important to have and what will be a waste of space, weight and money. I look forward to being up North, having what we have and not having what we don’t have. One can plan till they are blue in the face, at one point you just have to hit the open road! Can’t wait!











6 thoughts on “Getting Geared Up for the Next Adventure!

  1. Sally O'Byrne

    Well, you can’t really get lost…… one side is water and the other side is Sweden… just keep to the middle.

  2. ekobyrne

    Man, you guys are truly the keenest keeners I know. Hope the seats are more comfortable than they look!

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