We are in Northern Norway!


We are finally way up there! After a few days of testing equipment and packing up, we got on a plane from Oslo to Alta last night. The landscapes were beautiful, but it is hard not to think about the fact that we will be biking the entire way back!







We flew in to Alta around 10:30 pm and had no plan as to where to sleep before getting on a bus further north the next morning. Conveniently, it was still light (and stayed that way all night – we are currently on 70 degrees!) and there was a little forest a 35 second walk from the airport terminal. We walked over and set up camp for the night! Let the adventures begin!







7 thoughts on “We are in Northern Norway!

  1. Simon

    Funtastic! Have a great time! It was very nice to catch up with you. Can’t wait to see your “treetrunk quads” after this trip 🙂

    • Yes! It is really strange for the body to know when to sleep. Even at midnight you feel like you should suppress your tiredness because it looks like midday! We brought sleep masks and they help us lots.

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