To the Tip


We have made it to the starting point! The very Northern point of Norway and Europe, The North Cape (Nordkapp) at latitude 71•10’21”N.


The bus ride from Alta was an almost four hour ride through rugged terrain. The entire time, the sun was shining. When we got off the bus in Honningsvåg, we noticed everybody being outside and enjoying ice creams. It is not 20 C everyday around here!

It took us a bit of time assembling the bikes properly. As we were about to take off on the first (but unofficial) ride of the trip, we had a whole group of young, happy and curios ones asking us all sorts of questions about what we were doing. They pedalled with us off, wishing us a good trip.


We picked up some food for later and took off on what we thought would be an easy-breezy 31 km ride. It was beautiful, but it was not easy! The road went up and down and up and down!



As we were approaching The North Cape, we met two other bikers coming the opposite way. They were packed up and looked like they were on a longer trip like us. We cheered them on and they replied saying: “Congratulations!” thinking we were on the last leg of biking the length of Norway. Not quite true…! -Yet!

The North Cape is a fantastic destination. Landscapes unlike anywhere else, dramatic nature and a very cool visitor centre.






For tonight, we will pitch a tent up at the North Cape plateau, watch the midnight sun, try get some sleep and eagerly get up for the first official bike ride of this trip. Bye for now!


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