Day 1: The Journey has Begun


With a veil and a tuxedo bike jersey in hand, we left Nordkapp like rock stars. Plenty of German tourists enjoyed our little dress up stunt and snapped away.




It was another beautiful sunny day. The wind, however could be quite chilly, making it necessary to put on and take off clothes fairly often. The ride between Nordkapp and Honningsvåg went by with much more ease than the day before. The main reason was that we knew more of what we were in for and also because Honningsvåg is at a lower altitude than Nordkapp. Along the road, we stopped for a Sami souvenir shop, where we had a very nice chat with the old lady in the gift hut. As a little souvenir we ended up buying a not-so-little reindeer antler bottle opener. A little stupid perhaps, but I am sure it will come to great use.





We knew that there are a few tunnels south of Honningsvåg. We had considered getting on a boat to Havøysund to avoid them, but decided in the end to go for it. The longest and most dreaded one was the Nordkapp Tunnel. It is almost 7 km long and runs 212 meters under the ocean. That means one serious down hill ride followed by one serious up hill ride – in a tunnel! As soon as we entered, we felt a gust of freezing wind. We had already put on more clothes, but decided we needed even more. That was a good call, because it was a chilly ride through a 7 degrees cold tunnel.




As we got out, we both felt like Superman. Especially one of us!



After the tunnel, the ride was simply a pleasure. We could not stop exclaiming how beautiful is all was. No matter where you looked, the scenery was glowing from the ever-shining sun. Little houses perched away, looked like they could be on post cards. Birds were chirping away around us and reindeers kept crossing the road in front of us. What a beautiful life!

After clocking in 73.4 km, we called it a day and found ourselves the most glorious camp spot imaginable! In Norway, we have a law called the “Everyman’s right to the land.” It means that as long as you are in “out field” (meaning no farmer’s fields, private yards etc.) you are free to use and camp wherever you would like. It is a wonderful right making the outdoors readily available to everyone. We cooked up a tasty pasta meal, shared a beer brewed at the world’s northernmost brewery and simply watched the beauty around us until it was time for bed. Can you spot our tent in the photo below?



7 thoughts on “Day 1: The Journey has Begun

  1. ekobyrne

    So let me get this right… You spend days carefully packing, taking only the bare minimum (plus veil) you’d need for this trip, culling all extraneous items to get the weight down. And then on Day One, THE FIRST DAY, you buy the largest, most awkward bottle opener known to man.

  2. Robin Robin

    How fun!
    I love your wedding idea!
    Next week Roscoe and I (Robin) are getting married on our mountain mikes in Las Vegas – at the drive thru chapel! I need to order him a jersey like Kylers.
    Blessing to you…hope you’re still out adventuring :))

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