Day 2: Sun and Rain


Where: Somewhere south of Repvåg to Skàidi
Distance today: 84.8 km
Time on bike: 5h 14 min
Total distance: 158 km

Day 2 started out in pure beauty. The sun was shining and the sea shimmering. We had breakfast and coffee, packed up the tent then hit the road. Not much further, we found a splendid river where we did our laundry and filled our water reserves.


Biking was a delight and we stopped for a wonderful lunch (bread and jam) at a sunny lookout. We actually stop fairly often. Sometimes, just to look around and many times for a snack. We have found that to keep our energy up we need a steady flow of food!



This one was one of the last tunnels for a while. They are really cold inside, so it has been nice to put on some extra clothes before venturing in. We both have front lights and lots of reflectors. The back person (me – due to my neon yellow jacket!) also had a head lamp on to the back. Safety first!


A little further south, the wind picked up and it started pouring. We fought our way through the weather and stopped for a while at the local “kro” in Olderfjorden. A busload of people from Quebec were there and they were very surprised to meet a guy from Alberta cycling the length of Norway!

We continued after two beers, two hot dogs and a waffle to Skáidi, where we found a spot to put up our tent. Just after the tent was up, the rain really started picking up and we cooked up our cowboy stew inside! Koselig!


After that hearty meal and a day of biking, we crashed at 8:30. Done!


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