Day 3: A High Barren Pass


Where: Skàidi-Alta
Distance today: 89.7 km
Time on bike: 5h 40 min
Total distance: 248 km

In rough weather this day would have been a veeeery long day. The pass over Sennalandet is wide open tundra and prone to any weather you can imagine. We got the sunshine part of it.

The morning started out a bit rougher, however. Finnmark (Norway’s northernmost province/state) is well-known for its mosquito infestation in the summers. We had been saying how we really did not think it was that bad… That was until we woke up at our camp spot by the river in the morning. We had some breakfast and our clothes were hung up to dry when the attack started. We were bitten 50+ times each and about to go crazy, when we threw our stuff in our bags and got the h*** out of there!



After Sennalandet, we cruised downhill towards Alta for several kilometres in sunshine and summer heat. All the hard work pedalling uphill really paid off!



Not long after we made it to Alta, the sky suddenly opened up all its taps and it started pouring down! We hid in the student house where they served up some tasty Mack beer.


A little later, we continued on and found a spot to put up our tent for the night. It continued to rain, but sleep has been easily obtainable after a day of biking!


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