Day 4: Cloud Cover


Where: Alta to Alteidet
Distance: 84.3 km
Time on bike: 5 hr 6 min
Total distance: 332 km

The day was pretty chilly and the sky cloud covered, but it was a great day for biking. No major ups or downs and cruising was easy.


Whenever we see reindeer on the side of the road, they always run along with us and try crossing the road in front of us. We do not know why thy do it, but assume it has to do with how they are being herded. Any other ideas? At one point today, we had 5 rain deer in full gallop (35 km/hr!) next to us. Eventually they decided to cross the road, but had to jump the fence first. One of them did not clear it and fell on its back with its legs in the air! We could not believe it! After lying there kicking its legs for a little while, it got up and continued on with the other ones. Quite the sight!

We use a solar cell pack to charge our phone and since it has been cloudy most of the day, we have been unable to charge it. Therefore, we do not have too many photos to show you.

The good news is that we have made it into a new fylke, (province/state) Troms, and are really starting to see some progress on the map!



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