Day 5: Ups and Downs


Where: Alteidet to Fosselv
Distance: 73.8 km
Time on bike: 5 hr 0 min
Total distance: 406 km

Our camp spot for the night was right next to the road, but behind some trees and a little bit down a hill. In the little paradise we found, we had our own beach and view to wake up to. Fresh air and freshly brewed coffee in the morning is an unbeatable combination!


The day started out biking by the fjord. It was truly stunning. Small, fishing scenes unfolded in front of us and life was easy.


A little further on, it was time for climbing! Up and down and up and down. Hills you do not even think about when driving become very apparent on a bike! The grand prize of biking up hills are the fantastic views you get on the top. We would bike uphill for several kilometres, then downhill for a long time. Our maximum speed to date is 54 km/h. However, we are not going for speed records. You do not want to collide with a moose or a reindeer!







This was the most beautiful bike day yet. It is hard to describe the beauty with words. Just like we were in awe of the nature in Alaska, we get the same grand feeling here.

We awarded ourselves a cabin for the night at Fosselv Camping. We were finally able to shower and do our laundry then had a great sunny night’s sleep.



Upwards and onwards – Another beautiful day is waiting to be seized!


7 thoughts on “Day 5: Ups and Downs

  1. Brent Pikolas

    Hey K and S, just wanted you to know that I am following along with your bike trip. totally stoked for you guys and really enjoying the blog.. Super busy here in AK, lots of work keeping this thing moving here. But I wanted to say hello and cheer you on!
    much love-
    The Captain

    • Hey Captain-Brent!
      Awesome to hear from you! We are trucking on, but sure do appreciate (and need) all the cheering on. The scenery around here reminds us of Alaska a lot. It is beautiful.
      Keep in touch!

  2. Pål Rikard Sofus

    Fantastiske bilder, keep posting! Ser ut som en helt kanon tur, morro å følge med på bloggen.

    PS: Ups and downs er støtteforening for foreldre til barn med Downs.

  3. ekobyrne

    It took me a while to figure out what those colorful things on your laundry were. How are the bums holding up anyway?

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