Day 7: Paris of the North


Where: Somewhere in between Breivikeidet and Fagernes to Silsand via Tromsø
Distance: 43.7 km
Time on bike: 3 hr 13 min
Total distance: 549 km

A much needed day of partial rest coincided nicely with a visit to Tromsø, famously nick-named Paris of the North. It really is quite a city with a stunning location amongst snowcapped mountains and majestic fjords.

The main road into the city has quite a bit of traffic. The bike path took us through neighbourhoods and by the water. A much nicer route!


On our way into the city, we came across a little table with pottery on it. In front was a note saying: “Up for grabs.” It was beautiful pottery and we could not help but stop and look at it and grab some. The artist was outside her house and we started talking. She was a lovely woman and took us on a tour of her studio and her artsy house. It was a splendid little visit and a great introduction to Tromsø!


The arctic cathedral (Ishavskatedralen) is a famous landmark in Tromsø. It is nicely located across the water from downtown. We crossed the big city bridge to get to le Paris.


In Tromsø, we walked around, had Thai food on the main square, tried a couple Mack beers and enjoyed the sun along with everybody else in town. At 4:15 pm, we boarded our boat to Finnsnes and said bye, bye to Tromsø – for now.


When disembarking the vessel, the sky opened up and it rained pretty hard. We donned our rain gear and hopped on our bikes in search of a adequate camp for the night. Urban camping has its challenges. The most obvious being not seen from the road or nearby houses. The not so obvious is how hard it is to carry loaded bikes through the woods!


6 thoughts on “Day 7: Paris of the North

  1. ekobyrne

    That is the most tasteful Burger King I’ve ever seen, I think. The one closest to us is in middle of a parking lot and on the weekends the ‘boy racers’ hang out there with their fast cars and pretty girls in tight dresses. It looks a bit different.

  2. Brent Pikolas

    Funny, I also noticed the Burger King (god bless america) in the photo of the quaint little village scene there. But really the thing that I am realizing is how, the further south you go, the more difficult it will be to camp and the more you will find yourself on busy roads. I kind of think you may need some brighter colors for those roads. Make yourself as noticeable as possible. Be loud, get creative about it… let people know that you are there.

    • Haha, pretty funny about the BK!
      We have decided to stick to the coastal route, where there will (hopefully) be fewer people and cars than on the main road through the county. It is not the quickest, but that is not the point 🙂

  3. Brent Pikolas

    Oh, and how do you actually like your bikes? Now that you are riding on them. I know that Surly bikes are super popular here in the States… just wondering what you guys think of the performance and comfort of your choice in bikes.

    • We love our Surlys! They have been everything we had hoped for and more. The racks are super solid, the handle bar is great for variation when riding, the frame is nice and stiff and the gears can be (fairly) easily adjusted. The Brooks saddle is a necessary upgrade though. So far, so good in that department!

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