Day 10: An Unplanned Record


Where: Just north of Nordmela to Stokmarknes
Distance: 105.5 km
Time on bike: 5 hr 59 min
Total distance: 749 km

The sun cannot shine all the time, though there is always daylight here. In spite of slight drizzle throughout the entire day, we had a splendid bike ride over a couple of islands. The islands are not flat, but their roads pretty much are!



We stopped after 82 km in Sortland for creamy (and frikin’ delicious) fish soup and whale strips with vegetables and rice. Our plan was to find a spot to pitch our tent shortly after dinner. 10 km later we had still not found a spot, 15 km later still the same. Not until 23.5 km later did we find a spot (right by the Stokmarknes airport…) for the night. As a result of a free tent spot shortage, we biked an incredible 105.5 km today!

This is Kyler in the process of getting our bikes back on the road in the morning.



2 thoughts on “Day 10: An Unplanned Record

  1. Brent Pikolas

    This is really funny because I have had the same situation on river trips… you stop and look at a camp spot and say.. Ah, there has to be a better spot around the next bend, and you stop at the next spot and say… Ah, there has to be a better spot….and so on, till you are pitching your tent and you are “hangry” and tired and over it because you went way further than intended. Love the fact that it turned into a record day for ya though!

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