Day 12: In The Path of The Vikings


Where: Svolvær to just outside Leknes, Lofoten
Distance: 74.1 km
Time on bike: 4 hr 22 min
Total distance: 882 km

We ended up bucking up for a modest room in Svolvær last night and truly enjoyed the tranquility of the great indoors all morning! Today’s bike ride commenced around noon and was a fairly easy, yet beautiful one. No major hills to speak of, but a fair bit of wind, making it seem like you made it nowhere.





Borg is known for the find of the longest viking house in the world. Today there is a great museum and reconstructed building on the same site. It is a very interactive museum where you can try on the garbs and touch the tools. We definitely did not let the opportunity pass.






Kyler picked up a new souvenir at the museum gift shop. We figured this one will be great for his matpakke (packed lunch) on the first day of his new job.


We made it in record speed from Borg to Leknes, where we had pizza for dinner. Food is incredibly good when you have been biking for hours!



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