Day 13: A Surprise Visit!


Where: Just outside Leknes to Stamsund, Lofoten
Distance: 18.5 km
Time on bike: 1 hr 40 min
Total distance: 901 km

We have been lingering around Lofoten, eagerly awaiting two mysterious visitors. About a week ago, we were told that two friends of my dad and Bente’s were going to Lofoten and that they had two spare beds in their already paid for room. They also had an entire package of food and activities already paid for and the other two that were meant to go, had canceled. At this point they could not get their money back and would therefore like to invite us to partake in the fun. We, of course, happily said yes! We had no idea who these people were, but figured they had to be pretty cool since they wanted to have us crash their visit to Lofoten! The plan was to meet these people at the Hurtigruten dock in Stamsund at 7 pm Thursday evening.

We did not have very far to get to Stamsund. The sun was shining and we spent the entire day outside enjoying the weather, eating ice cream, barbecuing hot dogs and wondering what the evening would bring.





7 pm came around and the ship arrived. We made ourselves obvious with our bikes by the gangway. After quite a while and a whole lot of people walking by, who did we see!? My dad and my little brother Sivert!! What a surprise!



4 thoughts on “Day 13: A Surprise Visit!

  1. Leah

    What an awesome surprise! Say hi to Sivert from Rykkar and Halle. Rykkar has decided that as soon as he finishes university he is going to ‘just travel around the world like Kyler and Siri’!

  2. Sally O'Byrne

    Did Sivert bring his violin (or should I say fiddle?)? If I was your brother and/or father, I’d want to join in the fun!

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