Day 16: Active in Bodø


The night sailing with Hurtigruten arrived in Bodø around 3 am. Hurtigruten is a cruise for tourists wishing to see Norway’s stunning coastline. For locals along the coast it serves as an important way to connect the dots on the map in a rugged landscape with rough weather. It runs from Bergen to Kirkenes in the very northeast of Norway.

The ships are beautiful like full on cruise ships. They have jacuzzis on the roof top, glass elevators, panorama windows and starred ceilings. Well worth a visit! The trip from Stamsund to Bodø took a mere 4 hours. Some of us stayed awake and looked at the view (it was light all night) and some of seized the opportunity for a little snooze.


In Bodø, we headed to the airport for some more sleep. Then we went to a waterpark. Fun for all!


Bodø is the location for the Norwegian aviation museum. We decided to check it out – and did not regret it! It is a spectacular museum with more airplanes than I could imagine!





Kyler’s grandpas were both pilots on tiger moths. This is a tiger moth:


In addition to my dad and Sivert’s visit, Kyler has been on a quick trip to Oslo to submit his work visa application. After a few days break from biking, lots of fun and business taken care of, we are excited to get back in the saddle (literally) today!


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