Day 19: Back in the Saddle


Where: Bodø to somewhere down the road
Distance: 69.1km
Time on bike: 4 hr 35 min
Total distance: 974 km

After a few days off the bike, it felt completely new and weird to be back on the saddle. The arms were getting tired, the bum felt like it was taking a hit, the quads were sore and so on. How could something that felt so natural just a few days earlier suddenly feel so wrong?!

We did not know and could only continue with a hope of it feeling natural again soon.

The weather was on our side. It was not too cold, not too warm and most importantly, no rain.

Due to the physical factors mentioned above, we stopped for a squeeze-lunch pretty soon after leaving Bodø.


This is why we call it a squeeze-lunch: They are all spreads, ready to be squeezed onto a slice of bread.


Our lunch spot featured some cool rock formations.


Next stop, Saltstraumen. It is known to have the strongest tidal current in the world and is between 2000-3000 year old! Every six hours, some 400 million m3 of water is forced through a strait that is 3 km long and 150 m wide. It looks like a river! When it is going on whirlpools or maelstroms are formed and they can easily be seen.


This bridge runs across the phenomenon.


We found a suiting tent spot underneath another bridge for the night. The view was beautiful and we had a great time until we woke up to water in the tent. The heaven had opened up its locks. More on that later.



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