Day 22: Rain Keeps You Moving


Where: 30 km after Kilboghamn to Alstahaug, Helgelandskysten
Distance: 104.0 km
Time on bike: 5 hr 52 min
Total distance: 1231 km

We are getting somewhere!


Today, we put in a solid effort and biked 104 km. When it is raining, it is better to stay on the bikes than to be cold somewhere else. The landscape is pretty wild and the places to seek shelter and far and few between.



We had one ferry ride today, which in addition to the 104 km, really makes us move nicely down the map. My favourite ferry activity is colouring in the covered distance on the map and pat myself on the back. Whenever we need it, we also stop to pump our own tires.


Just before Sandnessjøen, we came across this spectacular bridge. Being a late Saturday night, we mostly had it to ourselves. As we got to Sandnessjøen, we were wet and cold and decided to buck up for a room at a nearby campground. Knowing we would have a kitchen and roof over our head, we bought enough food for a medium size family and biked the remaining 12 km in record speed to shower, eat and dry our gear. All was accomplished!




3 thoughts on “Day 22: Rain Keeps You Moving

  1. ekobyrne

    Is that a license plate on the bike? How come one bike has one and the other doesn’t? Surely the aren’t needed at all, are they?

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