Day 23: Catch That Ferry!


Where: Sandnessjøen Camping, Alstahaug to Vennesund, Helgelandskysten
Distance: 103.8 km
Time on bike: 4 hr 51 min
Total distance: 1334 km

There are many mandatory ferries to catch along the coastal route of Norway. They run fairly frequently, but sometimes a two hour wait may be required. Today involved two ferries. The first we raced to catch, we made the 28km in just over an hour and rolled on. While on the ferry, we realized we would have 55 minutes to ride the 17km to the next ferry. So there we went pedalling our hearts out into the unknown terrain. We made it safely with time to soak up the sun.


Somewhere over the rainbow…


It is not all sunshine and lollipops. Sometimes we need to seek immediate shelter, this time in a bus stop. The rain is so unpredictable here, it comes and goes so frequently and with such intensity!


We settled for the evening in Vennesund, where the next ferry shall embark. Though, it was nice to have the intermediate goals, there will be no need to race first thing tomorrow morning!



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