Day 24: In and Out of Trøndelag


Where: Vennesund, Helgelandskysten to Rørvik, Nord-Trøndelag
Distance: 90.6 km
Time on bike: 5 hr 32 min
Total distance: 1425 km

We left the province/state of Nordland and made it into Nord-Trøndelag, where we made a pretty major decision in an intersection.

Before that intersection we had lunch and dried our clothes on the top of a major hill.


We also visited Norway’s smallest city, Kolvereid. They know it and are not afraid to show it!


And then, we decided to bike towards Rørvik. Rørvik is a quaint town at the end of the road. It is one of the Hurtigruten ports along the Norwegian coastline. We had decided to jump on the boat and get a little further south to Kristiansund.






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