Day 26: A New Record


Where: Hustad to Hamnsund, Møre og Romsdal
Distance: 111.8 km
Time on bike: 6 hr 6 min
Total distance: 1567 km

It was a chilly day with temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius. Whether it was the weather or something else that kept us going, I am not sure, but 111.8 km in a day – that is a new record for us!




After a while of purely going up and down, we really enjoyed some flatter landscapes!



We did not find any great tent spots and ended up going all the way to the dock, where the next ferry would go from in the morning. The best (and only) spot where one could even attempt setting up a tent was on a slant. A slant that you could toboggan, roll or ski down, if you wanted to. We both kept sliding down, then shuffling our way back up. For sleeping comfort, not recommended. For a good laugh in the morning, when you really realize how slanted it is, recommended!


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