Day 27: City and Many Mountains


Where: Hamnsund in Møre og Romsdal to Bryggja in Sogn og Fjordane
Distance: 92.1 km
Time on bike: 5 hr 23 min
Total distance: 1659 km

We crawled from the depths of our tent in the early morning and caught the first boat across the waters to the city of Ålesund. It is renowned for its art nouveau architecture, the result of a complete rebuild following a devastating fire in 1904. We enjoyed a stroll around the city and were impressed by its look and feel. Before we continued on, we enjoyed a hearty breakfast and chatted with the friendly hosts at a funky coffee bar.







From Ålesund, we went over to nearby Hareid and continued the bike ride from there. Several major, serious, long and steep hills made our day more of a challenge than foreseen. By choosing the coastal route, biking in and out between the fjords, we knew the distance would be further and with many more hills. Though, we believe it is much prettier!




After crossing this mountain, we were desperately looking for a place to put up our tent. Kyler excitedly announced he had found one. Upon further inspection, we decided it was a farmers field and not an a-ok. We moved on to a conveniently located campground not much further. We arrived at 10:30 pm and stopped by the entrance sign. While pulling up to read it, I managed to fall time-number-two on the trip. Like the first time, I had clicked out my right foot and as I went to put it down I started falling to the left with the left foot still locked in! It is like falling with your hands in your pockets – pretty awkward! I now have a scrape on my left knee and my left elbow. Haha!


9 thoughts on “Day 27: City and Many Mountains

  1. Sally O'Byrne

    Very cute looking town, but not exactly like South Beach, Miami or like Napier, New Zealand – two places famous for Art Nouveau architecture. Maybe mountainous, cold places with grass roofs have a different interpretation. Take it easy biking at 10 pm. You must have been very tired after a day of going up and down mountains.

  2. ekobyrne

    Having a giggle thinking about how awful it would be to fall over like that! Awful! My only comparison is the horror of riding a fixie and forgetting you can’t coast and then realizing it rather violently.

    Mom, you’re thinking of Art Deco in Napier and South Beach, though I had the same thought for a moment!

    • Sally O'Byrne

      you are right – I was thinking of Art Deco….. What is Art Nouveau architecture? I’ll have to examine those photos again. And what is a ‘fixie’ – a fixed gear bike where the pedals never stop??

  3. Murray Schwindt

    Hi guys, you have become a daily addiction for me. Your pics are great and you are obviously going through some outstanding areas and moments. Is there a site where you are posting “all” of your shots ?. I would love to see more.
    Keep on keeping on !
    Have fun but remember ,….safety first,… it’s a jungle out there. haha

    • Hey Murray! Great hearing from you and thank you for following us on our ride! We have some more photos on our big camera, but with no computer we are unable to transfer. All the shots on the blog from the bike ride are from my phone. Perhaps I can do a bit of a photo post when we make it back home. Have a great summer and keep in touch. Much love to you and your family! Cheers, Siri and Kyler

  4. ekobyrne

    A fixie is a bike where the pedals move when the wheels spin. They usually don’t have brakes-you slow down by pedaling slower. No coasting, because the pedals keep moving. They are horrible, but were trendy for a few years with bike hipsters.

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