Day 28: Making it to Tellevik


Where: Bryggja in Sogn og Fjordane to Hordvik in Hordaland
Distance: 60.9 km
Time on bike: 4 hr 25 min
Total distance: 1720 km

The day started out a bit gloomy. The weather had not yet decided where it was going. We, on the other hand, knew we were going to Måløy. The road there consists of flats, several smaller hills, one mountain, a couple tunnels and one spectacular bridge to finish the 19 km off.


As we pulled into town, the gloominess quickly disappeared, as we had just pulled into the middle of Måløy-dagane, a big small-town festival! Everybody was out and about. Bands were playing, Thai food was sold on every corner, rides were blinking and playing sounds. It was festive! We got into it and enjoyed a curry, bought a $5 surprise bag that happened to contain a pink silicone heart shaped baking form and a pair of green pantyhose (-just what we wanted), head-bobbed to a band, walked around the fair and decided they are similar everywhere in the world, had some strawberries and before we knew it we had to run to catch our boat!



The boat dropped us off at Lygra, a very small place on an island connected to the mainland by a road built on rocks dumped into the water. As we were about to get off, we saw nothing but a lone, little wooden dock and were quick to ask the deck hand where the road is. He replied that it is just on the other side of the hill, while pointing away and lifting up the gangway. Suddenly, we were left alone with two heavy bikes and no road.


After carrying the bikes up a rock staircase and then walking them between grazing sheep, we eventually reached a gate and spotted a road. The road was the width of a narrow sidewalk, but was meant for two-way traffic, bikes and pedestrians.

The island of Lygra is connected to the mainland by this piece of road. Why make it straight if you can make it fun!?


It is always fun seeing your name on signs. When we made it across the bridge to Tellevik, I got it plenty fold! The area is where my (former) last name originated and where the family in my dad’s side is from. The next few days are set aside for some r&r – we will be staying at my wonderful grandma’s place!



2 thoughts on “Day 28: Making it to Tellevik

  1. Laura Tellevik Cooley

    My maiden name is Tellevik. My dad and his dad came to Canada and then to the US in the 1950’s. My guess is we are cousins. My grandfathers name was Berger Tellevik and he had lots of siblings. Hope to visit Tellevik one day. Currently we are in Seattle, Washington

    • Hi Laura! That’s so cool! I know my dad has done a bit of family research so I will ask him about it. My grandpa’s name was Birger Tellevik, perhaps he was named after your grandfather? My husband and I drove through Seattle on our honeymoon, what a great city! Cheers, Siri

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