Day 32: Back out into the Rain


Where: Hordvik to Fitjar in Hordaland
Distance: 69.8 km
Time on bike: 4 hr 42 min
Total distance: 1790 km

Well rested and ready to go, we set out just as it started raining. The task at hand was to bypass and get south of Bergen. We made lunches and said thank you and goodbye to farmor, for now.




My dad told us about a short cut that would help us move along. He had been running there in his prime and said the path was in good condition (then). Now, on the other hand, it provided us with quite the challenge. First of all, our bikes are not off road bikes with their steel frames (no shocks) and thin tires. Second, they are very heavy. We were able to roll them for a while, but eventually we had to carry them over one rocky patch after another. It was hard work, but did save us quite a distance. After the path, we had a hard time finding out where to go. The main road was forbidden to bike on, so we had to make our way on smaller parallel roads. We got a bit further, but found the parallel road to have as much, if not more, traffic than the main road. We were constantly being passed by cars and big trucks. It was not fun on the narrow road.


After a rough day of upper body work out carrying our bikes, much time spent finding out where to go, way too much traffic, a ferry ride and rain, we eventually found a beautiful spot at Fitjar camping to rest for the night.



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