Day 33: Let’s get on a Boat


Where: Fitjar to Stavanger
Distance: 23.7 km
Time on bike: 1 hr 24 min
Total distance: 1813 km

Sometime during the night, it had started raining again. The tent was soaked and it kept pouring down. We were meant to bike to Bømlo and onto a ferry towards Haugesund, but decided to change plans. We are, truth be told, real tired of biking in the rain. It makes everything difficult. All your gear and clothing get wet, it is cold to stop, it is cold to eat, the road gets slippery, you cannot see anything because you have to squint and there is fog all around. Not such a pleasant situation. We therefore went to Leirvik on Stord and got on a boat to Stavanger.




We used to live in Stavanger, so we have a few days of meeting up with friends. First stop is Sollaug and Faiber and their wonderful kids! We are excited!


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