Day 34-35: Summer in Stavanger


After a bit of trouble getting around on bikes in the Bergen area, we were pleased to find that Stavanger had done a great job with bike paths (ones that make sense and do not end without warning). We were also thoroughly happy to find that summer had arrived in Stavanger!

A couple years ago, we moved from Stavanger to Oslo, but we did live in this beautiful coastal city for about three-four years and were very happy to be back to see friends.

First, we went to the island of Hundvåg, where our friends Sollaug (aka Sunny) and Faiber live with their two wonderful kids. The family of four hosted us in their spacious house and we had a great time playing with the kids in the mornings and having dinners at night. Faiber is from Colombia and back in 2008, Kyler and I got to spend some time with Sunny and Faiber in the stunning city of Cartagena on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Just like then, time flew by and suddenly it was Friday.



Sollaug, Faiber and their kids, were heading to Denmark for their summer holiday and we were moving into Stavanger to stay with our friend Håvard, who Kyler used to work with.
Chance had it, Håvard was home for the weekend between job travels in Italy and the UK. He had to make it back from the airport on Friday night, however, giving us some time to soak up the sun and take in the energetic, happy summer atmosphere. The place to see and be seen in Stavanger on a sunny day is by the water on “the front”, so we found a spot and enjoyed ourselves!






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