Day 36: Weekend Life


We got nicely settled in Håvard’s comfy bachelor pad nicely located close to downtown Stavanger.
Perhaps traveling with work is the reason, but Håvard’s fridge is bachelor pad worthy. Also note one of the settings on his washing machine, cowboy clothing. Impressive. Kyler decided all his laundry would go through the cowboy treatment if the machine was his.


The sun was back out on Saturday and we enjoyed a lazy morning of coffees and friendly chats with the neighbors on Håvard’s stoop and a delicious breakfast of bacon, omelet and all the fixings.

A little later, Kyler and I walked over to our friend Elin, who I studied engineering with in Stavanger a few years ago. She had us over in her new fancy pad with high ceilings and a walk in closet. We were served a fresh and healthy lunch, before the three of us ventured out into town and met up with Håvard and some more friends.

Stavanger was happening! Bachelorette and bachelor parties were everywhere. One after the other provided us with some good laughs and great entertainment.






It was as dark as it gets in the summer when we walked back to Elin’s for a little after party. After much effort of playing the trumpet, we all decided the air trumpet is the new air guitar. Good times and a good night!




2 thoughts on “Day 36: Weekend Life

  1. Claire O'byrne

    how much dem beers cost ya in stavanger? i saw on the news that perth is the most expensive city in the southern hemisphere and somewhere in Norway (I think Trondheim) was the most most expensive in the north. bet them beers cost a prettty pennny.

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