Day 37: A Beautiful Day for a Bike Ride


Where: Stavanger to Egersund, Rogaland
Distance: 93.0 km
Time on bike: 4 hr 43 min
Total distance: 1906 km

We set off around 11:30 full of energy and bike lust. We got ourselves out of Stavanger with ease and enjoyed a ride on smooth, smart and much appreciated bike paths! The paths lasted way out into the farmlands south of the city, along the coast. Along with the safety provided by the municipality, we were having a blast biking on the relatively flat terrain. Had our feet not been locked to our pedals, they would have been flying out to the sides in pure enjoyment!


The sky had started out looking grey in Stavanger, but changed for the better as we got further south. The road we biked on is called the North Sea road, as it is the road closest to the North Sea. Stavanger is a major hub for the off shore oil industry in Norway, as a result of its convenient location. Along the coast, the main industry is farming, as the land is fertile and flat. When we used to live in Stavanger, we would come down here often, as it is home to some of the best surf waves in Norway.





The rock fences in the photo below are typical of the area. In order to obtain fields to grow produce, one had to clear the area of rocks. Stacking them up like this, they hit two birds with one rock (or many – if you’d like). They moved the rocks and were able to divide up the fields, making no confusion as what belongs to who, as well as providing the fields with wind barriers.



We stopped for a snack at an unusual Sunday open food store (only shops 100 m2 and smaller can stay open on Sundays) and spoke with some fellow bikers (the spandex type, not the leather type). They recommended a nearby spot for a little break. We took their word for it and found a beautiful little beach to ourselves! For the first time on the trip, I was able to make use of my bikini! We both snoozed for a little while before continuing on.




On the entire way south from Nordkapp, we have been carrying four meals of dried food. We figured they would serve as emergency food in case we ran out and did not get to a food store. With only a few days left of our bike ride, we figured it was time to taste it and not have to carry it any further. Pasta with spinach and chicken in a cream cheese was therefore on the menu for dinner. How was it? Naah, ok in an emergency or as a means to fill up hungry bikers. In terms of flavor, as expected, nothing to write home about.


We have had a fantastic weekend and a superb day back on our bikes. It feels great to be getting closer to our goal of Lindesnes, while having days like today where everything feels right!



2 thoughts on “Day 37: A Beautiful Day for a Bike Ride

  1. ekobyrne

    It’s so exciting reading about your final days when already know how it’s going to end! I feel like I cheated and read the last chapter first, which of course, I never do.

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