Day 38: A Very Tough Day


Where: Egersund to Feda
Distance: 83.7 km
Time on bike: 5 hr 52 min
Total distance: 1990 km

Man oh man, what a day. The distance between Egersund and Flekkefjord consisted purely of massive climbs, one after another. We were death gripping our handle bars to stay on our bikes up the hills and we suddenly regretted the decision of biking the coastal route! Still, whenever we made it to the top, the view was grand!


The fjord below is Jøssingfjorden, which was made known during WW2 for being the location of the Altmark incident. The British destroyer Cossack managed to free prisoners taken by the Admiral Graf Spee from the German tanker Altmark.


When cruising down the hill to the top left in the photo below, we suddenly came into a tunnel blasted through the rock face. It had no lighting and no warning of it. We therefore cruised until we could see absolutely nothing! I screamed to Kyler who was behind: “Kyler, I can’t see anything, I am stopping!!!” We put our lights on, they did close to nothing, but by slowly moving along the line on the side we could maneuver our way through.



Yet another top!


From Flekkefjord to Feda, where we rested for the night, the bike path was well marked, but not in great shape for our road bikes. Long stretches and steep hills of gravel did not make it easy to move along. At times, we had to walk our bikes. In all the commotion, I managed to have my bail number three of the trip. It was another barely moving, unable to unclip type of fall. This time I fell to the right and thank god for that! You see, the celebratory bottle of bubbly is placed in my left back pannier! Almost there!



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