Full Circle


As most of you know, the first part of our honeymoon was spent with our VW van Honey. It was therefore extra fun that the second part of our honeymoon ended with a ride in a VW van!

When we woke up in our tent, Kyler had made it his mission to get a ride to Kristiansand, where we would catch a train to Oslo. It was a mere 90 km, more than we felt like biking… We got talking with a wonderful couple from Germany who were spending their summer holiday touring Norway in a VW van. At first sight, it did not seem feasible to fit all our bags, two bikes and ourselves in the van, but add two tired-of-cycling engineers in the mix and you got it! They drove us all the way to Kristiansand, where we all had lunch together before parting ways. That was a very much appreciated ride!




Kristiansand is a summer town and we had almost two days to soak up the sun and the lighthearted atmosphere before getting on the train. We had bought tickets a while in advance, not knowing exactly when we would finish. The sun was shining, the water was glittering and the people were happy and beautiful. At night, there were outdoor concerts and life was great!



6 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. murray schwindt

    congrats guys,. it was fun following along (while it lasted) and I (for one) can’t wait for you to get sick and tired of the “working” thing. That will mean you will be making another adventure plan that we can all enjoy.

    take good care Murray

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