We Are Back!


Wow! A month and a half has gone by since we last updated funlovingliving. Perhaps you thought we were gone for good? Oh no! We are back! At least we will be every now and then.

After getting married, driving to Panama and Alaska and biking the length of Norway, we have enjoyed some relaxed time in the Norwegian woods. Well, that was before we took the big leap and moved back into the great city of Oslo and started working full time.

Lets go back to the middle of July for a little recap:
My dad and Bente own the most beautiful forest-lake-retreat. It consists of two log cabins, a good ol’ outhouse and a shed for storing tools and playing darts. The main cabin was there when they bought the property a few years ago. The other one, my dad made from scratch back when I was nine or so. He got the lumber from our forest, hauled it out, removed the bark and transformed the logs one by one into the right shape before they got stacked and turned into a cabin. For years, he was looking for the perfect place to put it, while the logs got carefully marked and stored in his garage.

I can say it without a doubt – He has now found the most perfect spot for it!

What is also fun, is that the lake where the cabin is, is very close to where I grew up and would go swimming every summer. Being back is always a bit of a walk down memory lane. The cabin is fully off the grid, purely being powered by the sun. Not that we needed that much power, Norway has had the most incredible summer in years and we made sure to take full advantage of it by being outside all day long. July 14th, we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary with bubbly and a BBQ, a hike, a swim and each other. Even after living tight in a van and a tent for a year, we are most definitely not tired of each other!

1.siri ky odden

2.Siri odden


4.blue berries

The cabin is only accessible by boat (sans engine) or by foot. In the winter one can x-country ski across the lake. Due to the no-engine-law one can actually drink the water. A little bit strange to drink lake water, but it is honestly not that bad. (There are not that many people here to pee in the water…)

5.row row

6.almost there

7. Odden

8. beautiful day

9. blue skies

10. the calm at night

In the very end of July, we moved back to our condo in the Norwegian capital, Oslo. While we were gone, we rented it out to some very friendly people who had taken great care of it. Phuuu! When we left, we sold quite a bit of our stuff, so moving back involved a trip or three to IKEA and various other home stores. We bought multiple soft ice creams and a turquoise couch that looks like it belongs in a cartoon.

11. ikea

12. ikea soft ice cream

13. turquise couch

Then, the home decorating began. We discovered we had way too many white walls and made sure to change it. Most rooms have secret messages such as these underneath the finished result.

14.ky paint

15. ky paints again

16. the worls

17.concrete jungle

18.art wall

20. art wall again

… and yes, that is in fact a (brand new) toilet seat on our art wall. Come visit us for a peak underneath the seat! The wall is not quite complete, as we still have a few more to frame.

19. desk

In the end of July, we also got a beautiful, adorable, much loved, new, little niece named Thilde. And, we also got to spend some time with our little rock star nephew, Casper, who is now a big brother!

21. casper i oslo

22. thilde nyfødt

My grandma came for a visit from across the country and we took her to some of the old parts of Oslo.

25. family time

Also, in the end of July, we went to an incredibly awesome amusement park called Tusenfryd with my little brother Sivert. We were three kids running around for hours. Remember this one? Tusenfryd has the coolest ride in the world. It is called Spin Spider and is a rotating pendulum. It is incredibly fast, goes ridiculously high and is unbelievably awesome.

23. tusenfryd

24. spin spider

Suddenly, we had started the working life, and we did not have as much time for other fun as we have been used to.. When our friends, Jerry and Charlie, visited us from the UK, it was hard to miss out on sunny day harbour bike rides and exciting museum. But then again, we should not be the ones to complain!

25. oslo time

We had a really fun times with picnics in the park and sightseeing on the weekend! The Vigeland park is well worth a visit. It is the world’s largest sculpture park made from one artist and it is enormous when considered all the work that would go into each and every one. The park is public and always open. Jerry and Charlie commented on how no sculpture in Oslo has any clothes on, and I guess they have a point!

26. the gang


28. old woman

29. ground

31. ky in the park

32. monolitten

33. man

34. siri and ky

35. woman

Wow, this one turned into a long one! You will hear from us again – until then: Have Fun!


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