Hiking in Our Back Yard


It has been said that Parisians do not visit the Eiffel tower and that Manhattans do not bike across the Brooklyn Bridge in the morning mist. Visitors do.

Now, our little Sunday hike destination is not quite the Eiffel Tower or the Brooklyn Bridge, but the point remains the same – one tends not to go see, do and visit one’s own back yard. Being back in full swing at work and such, our time is limited and we have started exploring our local surroundings.

Oslo, the city in which we live, lies at the end of the Oslo fjord and is hugged by forest and wilderness on all other sides. The geography provides all of the residents with nearby nature.


We packed a bag, got out our keen boots and left our condo on a brisk and beautiful fall Sunday, ready to hike in Oslo’s back yard.

Siri shoes

Volvo departure

A mere 25 minute drive got us out of the city and into the country side. Our destination was Oppkuven. It used to be considered the highest point in the area with its 704 metres above sea level. It was later discovered that another “peak” across the valley beat it by 13 metres. Still, Oppkuven provides a grand 360 degree view of Oslo, many lakes and many,many more trees.


Siri bridge

Kyler hike


When in Rome, do like the Romans. The only suitable lunch to bring hiking in Norway is bread with brown cheese. It is sweet, tasty and delicious.

Brown Cheese lunch

Siri hike

The hiking association does great work in maintaining the extensive network of trails in the area. There are hiking trails, biking trails and in the winter, cross country ski trails. They are well marked and make it easy to get out and about into nature. Now, you just have to get out and move!


muddy waters

water flow

We made it to the top! Originally, the peak was used for mapping out the area. The surrounding trees used to be much smaller, so as the trees grew, a viewing tower was erected. There has been at least 6 different towers through the times of hiking up here. This one below is believed to be the second or third tower.

viewing tower old school

siri kyler

At the top, we met these two who had arrived from the other side. The big man was very familiar in the area and was able to tell us all about the history of the names, he pointed out other peaks, different lakes and was keen to recommend more trips to us. The entire day, we only met 6 people! What a treat, to be able to live central, but yet have the possibilty to be alone in the woods.

top of tower

view again

view hooo

The viewing tower of today, is much more elaborate than yesteryear’s.

tower half

tower full oppkuven

red fall colors oslo marka

magical forest

We had an incredible day and are surely feeling the 22 km of up and down in various terrain!


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