Siri Ann is a funloving girl from Norway, born and raised in the farmlands outside the capital city of Oslo. With no time to lose and places to explore, she started walking at 8 months and never looked back. Climbing in trees, biking, falling off bikes, skiing, playing – and fighting with her younger brother, reading, swimming, jumping – the activities had no end. And they still don’t!Siri Ann Tellevik White

In 2005, after traveling on her own and living in Havana, Cuba she met her soul mate and best friend, the funloving Kyler from Canada over a tippy table in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico. Today they are both civil engineers and travelers with a goal to always maximize fun in life.

Siri Kyler

After almost seven years of traveling, working and living in different parts of the world they got married on a mountaintop in the Canadian Rockies July 2012 surrounded by family and friends from near and far. The next step on the Siri Ann Kyler funlovingliving adventure is their Honeymoon. They are not sure exactly where or exactly how long, but no matter what:

Funlovingliving is a way of life!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Finn tore fenz

    Hey!! Det er meg, finni fra taco bell sør for big sur! Jeg fant siden deres, så nå skal jeg/vi følge med! Bloggen vår er på facebook, så hvis dere vil følge med, kan dere legge meg til 🙂 jeg heter finni fenz der!

  2. Kelty Germain

    Happy 2013 Friends- even if it started out a tad bit bumpy- I bet you will have the best luck from here on in- Glad to see that you’ve got some lovely people to share in your adventure. Wish we were there too- we miss you and love you lots.

    xx Kelty + Justin

  3. Elena

    Hey Guyzz!

    I accidently bumped into your blog by searching surf photos of Playa Venao..
    You are amazing- keep living the good life 🙂

    LaChoza de Playa Venao

  4. Hi Siri Ann and Kyler. Thanks for visiting our blog and for the ‘like’ on the post about Varanasi. In case you’re interested there’s a second post about Varanasi, that focuses on life on the Ganges here:
    I think it’s the best of the two. I’d really recommend India. It’s jaw-dropping.
    Wow you guys sure have travelled a lot, especially in Central and South America which is probably where we’re headed next (after a quick trip back to Canada, and Sweden). Many years ago I did a 4 month overland trip through South America but Don has never been. And we have friends who live in Guat.
    Sounds like you’re having a great time.

    • Thank you for the comment! Kyler has been to India many years ago, but I never have. It is most definitely high up on my list of places I’d like to go. We love all of Central- and South America and would highly recommend it. Stunning nature and friendly people! Where in Sweden and Canada will you be heading? Cheers, S&K

      • Vancouver to scoop up our granddaughter and take her to Falerum (near Linkoping) to spend 2 weeks with her dad who lives there, then Montreal to spend 3 weeks with my sis and her family will take us to the end of Sept. After that we’ll head south. Not driving! Looking into how expensive it is to get to all the places we want to go. Groan. But we’ll make it work. Don’t want to miss Iguazu and Galapagos.

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