Past Adventures


Honeymoon Bike Extravaganza!
In the middle of May 2013, we flew back to Norway and got on our bikes. We had not biked in a very long time, but had decided while drinking beer in Bocas Del Toro the past December to bike the length of Norway. Any little peak on a map will tell you that that is a really long ways! It was far and hard, but gave us some of the most incredible natural experiences ever.

2012-2013 Honeymoon Adventure Tour!

Our honeymoon adventure started in Calgary, Canada on August 14th 2012. This adventure was our honeymoon as we got married exactly one month prior to our departure! Our goal is always to have fun, take in new cultures, speak with the locals and learn more about each other and ourselves along the way. We returned to Edmonton in the middle of April after several wonderful months on the road. After a re-pack, where bikinis and board shorts got traded in for woolen long johns and down jackets, we set off again and drove to Alaska and back to Edmonton.

2012 – A Wedding and a Honeymoon

The first half of the year we were in Oslo, Norway. We bothed worked a lot and snuck away on mini-trips whenever we could. We went to Paris, Stockholm and different areas in Norway for downhill and x-country skiing.

X-country skiing in Norway and visits to Paris and Stockholm in the beginning of 2012.

In the end of June, we packed up our home for the past year and got on a plane to Canada. Our wedding was about to take place! Friends and family from all over the world flew in to take part in our Love Celebration Fiesta at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden, British Colombia. It was the best time imaginable! We are currently on our Honeymoon in Central America.

Most Awesome Day Ever, July 14th 2012

Wedding Siri Kyler

2011 – A Move across the Country and Business Life in The City

The year started out with a trip to the Norwegian mountains where Kyler slid down on one knee while x-country skiing and proposed! We started planning our Love Celebration Fiesta for the next year and had a fun time doing so. In March we went to Florida for a beautiful beach wedding and fun times with family and friends. I finished my engineering degree. We sold our house in Stavanger. Bought a condo in Oslo. Spent the summer in Canada. Got back to our newly bought condo and painted the walls the colors of The Edmonton Oilers. Worked a lot. In the fall/winter we escaped the cold on a couple shorter trips to Copenhagen, as well as Barcelona and Tenerife, Spain. Another fun year gone by!

Proposal on skis, Key West, Calgary, Oslo, Barcelona, Tenerife. 2011 - Another fun year!

Proposal on skis, Key West, Calgary, Oslo, Barcelona, Tenerife. 2011

2010 – Stavanger and Holidays

The first couple months of the year were spent in Canada and most importantly in Vancouver where the Winter Olympics were taking place. We had tickets to hockey, curling, luge, x-country skiing and biathlon. What a great time!

Vancouver Olympics 2010

Vancouver Olympics 2010

After returning to Stavanger, Norway, we were both working hard and I did another semester of my engineering degree. In between, we made time to go away on trips to Croatia, Berlin, Canada, The US and Italy.

Croatia, California, Rome 2010

2009 – Aussie Living

The new year was celebrated in a beachtown in Argentina. Not long after, we got on the longest plane ride I have ever been on, Buenos Aires to Auckland, New Zealand. A new continent and many adventures were waiting! Our awesome friend, Ellie greeted us at the airport with a large Jim Carrey cut-out. The four of us set off on a roadtrip all over the North and the South Island. Milford Sound, the fjord region on the South Island, was the farthest away and the most similar spot to Norway I have ever been!

Beautiful New Zealand 2009

Beautiful New Zealand, 2009

With three weeks in New Zealand our detour to Australia was complete. We got on a plane from Christchurch to Brisbane to set up shop in Australia for the year. I did two semesters of my engineering degree at Griffith Uni on the Gold Coast. Just beautiful!

Australia 2009

Australia 2009

2008 – Backpacking South America

In the early part of the year, we went on a really fun surf trip to Morocco. The rest of the time was spent working, studying and funlovingliving at home in Stavanger. In September, we rented out our house, packed up and flew to North America. I took a semester off and was due in Australia for a year of study abroad in February 2009. Why not take the long route there?! We went to Ireland, The US and Canada, before flying to Cartagena, Colombia, where our South American backpack adventure started.

Backpacking route through South America 2008

Backpacking route through South America, 2008

2007 – Central American Road Adventure

Route Canada-Nicaragua and return, Spring 2007

Route Canada-Nicaragua and return, Spring 2007

In early 2007 we left Edmonton in a 1976 VW van with a plan of driving South. It was freezing cold and really quite incredible that we even survived the first part of the journey without heat in the van. We drove through The US, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. In the Southern part of Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur, we turned around and drove back up to Canada. Along the road we had family and friends visit us for a week here and there. Most our time was spent on the Mexican Pacific coast where we camped and surfed. One time we were held up by a truckload of heavily armed Mexican military. At the time it seemed like a near-death experience, in retrospect, I think they were just having fun scaring us. In Honduras we were pulled over by the police for the reason of not wearing appropriate driving t-shirts. After a stand-off, pretty awkward situation, I asked Kyler: “Should I cry?” Kyler nodded, so I did. It freaked the cop-looking-for-a-bribe out and he let us go. 1-0 us!

After the trip we went to Norway. I started my engineering degree at the University of Stavanger, Kyler started a “real’ job and we bought a cute, little, white house in downtown Stavanger. In the fall we drove down to Oktober Fest in Munich. Lots of ooompa, ooompa music, beer, cheers, lederhosen and fun, fun, fun!

2006 – The Year of our Homelands and a Euro Roadtrip

Oslo Edmonton map

Ruta de Amor. Star Alliance increased their business after we met.

In February 2006, I got on an airplane to visit Kyler in his hometown Edmonton, Canada, for the very first time. What a blast! Kyler expanded his reading week (to three weeks…) from uni and we went on a roadtrip to Vancouver Island. I got introduced to Canadian hockey culture going to a hockey game with the beloved Edmonton Oilers and got to meet Kyler’s (now: our) wonderful friends and family.

Later the same year, Kyler came over to Norway for the first time. On his first day he was welcomed by my (now: our) friends, family and the Norwegian king of the forest, the moose, who we saw on the way from the airport. The summer was spent between Siri’s hometown Fetsund (by Oslo) and roadtripping around Southern Norway, Oslo-Bergen-Stavanger and Kristiansand.

Summer in Norway, 2006.

After touring Norway we took off on a roadtrip down to Germany for the World Cup. We drove to Gothenburg, Sweden, where we got on a overnight ferry (a so-called booze cruise) to Kiel. In Kiel we visited Kyler’s brother, Landon, who was living and playing pro American football. After taking in the action and drunk Englishmen in various German cities for the World Cup we drove to Belgium, Luxemburg, France and Switzerland before returning to Norway. Our vehicle was a little Renault Clio that served as our mode of transport and a place to sleep at night.

Kiel Summer 2006

In the fall, we traveled together back to Canada and lived in Edmonton (with Kyler’s mom) while Kyler finished his engineering degree at the University of Alberta. Sirial Killer (our Halloween aliases) hosted a pretty kick-ass Halloween party where we dressed up as a pair of socks. Halloween is fun! We also went to the Canadian Finals Rodeo (dressed up) as cowboys and played on a volleyball team called Holes and Poles. I learnt that American and Canadian football is not exactly the same. One difference: Canadian balls are bigger! I went home to Norway for a couple exams, Christmas and New Years, while excited to take on the new year and new adventures.

Canada 2006

Living in Edmonton, Fall/Winter 2006

2005 – When it all Began

In the fall of 2005, I spent a few months living in Havana, Cuba. While dancing salsa and drinking rum in the evenings, I attended Spanish classes at La Universidad the la Habana in the day. After a couple hurricanes I decided to venture over to Mexico. I traveled around, then met and fell in love with Kyler in San Cristobal de las Casas on November 14. Kyler was on a surf mission with his (now: our) awesome friend Cowboy in a 1973 VW van called Twinkie. After Mexico we traveled together to Guatemala, Belize and Cuba before Siri flew back to Norway and Kyler returned to Cowboy and Twinkie who had traveled back up to La Ticla in Mexico. Christmas came around and we started making plans of when and how we could meet up again.

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico. Volcano Pacaya and Tikal, Guatemala. November-December 2005.

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico. Volcano Pacaya and Tikal, Guatemala. November-December 2005.


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