Volcano Brewing Company


We moved on from La Fortuna to the other side of the Arenal Lake. It was a stunning two hour drive on a windy road along the lake.


We were ready for a major splurge and had been saving up (space in our bellies) for our first ever all inclusive stay! Volcano Brewing Company pride themselves on being the best (and only) micro brewery in Costa Rica and the hotel is part of the brewery. In the bar, they had four delicious beers on tap. Beer on tap is not common in Latin America – craft beer on tap is especially rare!


When staying at the hotel, you can indulge in as much beer, daiquiris, chicken wings, dinner, ice cream, smoothies, rum, piña coladas and so on, as you’d like. Quite the crazy and irresponsible concept, but a whole lot of fun! We had a great night and ended up playing our favorite dice game “ti tusen” with three new friends from San Diego!