In Search of a Volcano


When we were in La Fortuna, we (the Norwegian mountain goats + the Canuck) were overly keen to check out the famous Arenal volcano. Previously unbeknownst to us, due to past activity, the peak is completely shut for hikers. We drove up to the national park anyway, parked and started on the hike with our backpacks on. About 30 minutes in, we had reached the lava flow from the 1994 eruption and the grand finale of the hike. We snapped some photos, smiled, jumped, hiked around a couple hours and started talking about where to go to really see a volcano!

Siri Honey Arenal

Arenal volcano

Arenal Bloom

Arenal nature

Arenal volcano1

So what did we do? – Well, we did some research, changed our plan and drove to San Jose, yet again! According to our research, nearby Irazu volcano is Costa Rica’s highest volcano at 3432 meters above sea level. Also, there is a road that takes you all the way to the top with little or no effort other than patting your poor vehicle’s dash every now and then on the way up the hill. We set off early this morning after a 6 am breakfast and made it to the top of Irazu by 8:45 am.

Irazu volcano climb

Irazu volcano

Irazu volcano2

Irazu volcano1

Irazu volcano3

Irazu Siri Kyler

Irazu happy jump

Irazu drive down

Full score on Irazu volcano! We got up in (fairly) thin air, we got to see some serious volcanic craters and weird landscapes and we had a great day. The drive is pretty steep, but the road is in great condition. After parking, one can hike the summit and do a loop by two craters. We did it all! Half a day later, we had checked the volcano search off the list and were getting ready for another funlovingliving adventure: A classic Latin American football derby. Stay tuned!


The Adventures Continue: Canyoneering


After surviving (and LOVING) whitewater rafting, we moved on to canyoneering. I am fairly weird and  absolutely love heights! I love standing on the edge of a cliff and looking down. I love climbing and flying through the air. Canyoneering was therefore right up my alley!


The trip took us from La Fortuna to a nearby canyon of which I cannot remember the name. Not quite The Grand Canyon, but a canyon indeed. All together it was a 3 km hike through the canyon, with 5 rappelled descents, a cannonball and a lot of water along the way.





Weeeeeehheeeeeeee! Gotta love it!

We make quite the Tandem!


Tandem bikes have been in our sight ever since we were at Venice Beach two years ago and got rejected since it was five minutes before closing. This time, at Newport Beach, we showed up right at opening and spent the morning biking around.

After recommendations from the shop owner I got in the back seat and Kyler in the front. I am not sure if I was put in the back because the person in front should be stronger, taller or manlier. In this case I didn’t mind. It allowed me to chill out. Look around. Pedal, or not…




Tandem biking is completely awesome. It’s especially awesome when the surroundings are dotted with palm trees and the ocean water sparkling like a million diamonds.

Ahhh, life is incredible – with (or without) a tandem bike.