Rearview Mirror: Ruta de las Flores


Seven years of being together cannot go by unnoticed, so we went for a little road trip to celebrate ourselves. Keep looking if you would like to see what we get up to on date-day!

We stayed in the town of Concepcion de Ataco for the two nights we stayed in the area. It is known for its many murals and colonial style architecture. On the weekends it appearently attracts a crowd of visitors from San Salvador. We were there mid-week and were the only tourists in a many mile radius.

On November 14, the big day, we drove thrugh the main part of Ruta de las Flores from Concepcion de Ataco to Apaneca and then on to Juayua. With considerably more action going on in Juayua we decided to spend the main part of our date-day there.

The main square is a lively place for a market and for socializing. One side of the square is occupied by the main cathedral, the opposite side is taken up by city hall and the tourist information office. Outside the tourist information we soon saw a lone guy dressed in a quasi-military uniform sit down on the curb. He was in his mid-thirties and constantly playing a wooden game consisting of two pieces of carved wood attaced by a string. On piece has to be swung up so that it slides on to the other piece. We went inside, inquired and decided on going on a hike to a nearby waterfall and a visit to a coffe plantation. Mr. Wooden Game was to be our guide, as it turned out.

Unfortunately most the conversations went like this: “This is an old house.” “This is a very old church.” At one point we walked by a wider part of the road painted up to resemble a 100 meter race track. We asked who the current champion of the town is, the reply was a look up to the sky and “Jesu Cristo.” I did not really know where to go on with that one.

After a beautiful hike we reached the waterfalls, which are actually part of a hydro electric plant. It was really pretty and in retrospect we regretted not bringing our swim suits. Guess who snapped this shot?

Our guide, Mr. Wooden Game, left us mid-day for another hike. It was perfect timing for us to grab some lunch. We had been told about R+R Restaurante and decided to check it out. The restaurant was full of city officals and their Japanese visitors as we entered. Observing the happy crowd, we were pleased with our choice. The incredible food and the complimentary glasses of wine for the honeymooning couple were very much enjoyed and appreciated. The painted walls and bath tub filled with plants in the bath room made it all even better. Recommended!

Part two of our date-day was a visit to a coffee plantation. Not only do they grow and do all the work to make coffee, they also grow fruits, herbs, vegetables and flowers.

Our visit to the coffe farm finished off with some very fresh and tasty coffee in their testing room. We got in the van and returned to Concepcion de Ataco just as it was getting dark. We parked safely and went out for dinner. The pics from there on in are private.

Even though it might appear we went to Ruta de las Flores on our own, we did not. The Mopelia ping pong trophy came with us. We named him Roar (because it is a Norwegian name that sounds pretty bad-ass in English) and he also had a great time, however a little rougher than our holiday. Either way, we all made it back to El Tunco safely.