The Super Intense Recreational Invitational (SIRI) 2013


This past Monday was my birthday! I love birthdays and my incredible husband knows this all too well. He also knows that I love competitions and therefore invited friends and family to the Super Intense Recreational Invitational 2013! Continue reading


Happy New Year: The Chinese Shoot Off


We welcomed in the new year in Bocas Town with dinner, music, friends and a rather entertaining and long lasting Chinese Shoot Off. Let me explain! Every supermarket in Bocas is ran by a different Chinese family. Every single day (and almost every single hour of that day) of the year they diligently keep their stores open and sell cheap and random goods to locals and travelers alike. Come New Years Eve it is their time to shine! In front of each family’s respective supermarket they set up hordes of fireworks ready to show off. The amount of firework being blown up in the air supposedly indicates how much money each family made in the past year. Obviously, the family who can keep ’em coming wins. The show down started around 11:30 and lasted for a good hour and a half. That’s a long time of continuos fireworks going off!

This particular family, with little John leading the troops, must have done particularly well. His bakery is always full. We contributed to the stack of fireworks by buying our daily coffee there and our friend Jasper would down a couple of John’s doughnuts after his daily surf sessions. John went about the fireworks as he does his work in his bakery; with diligence and a serious tone. He did not leave until work was done! No kidding around! Little John served coffee early New Year’s Day, diligently and seriously.

It was a spectacle well worth seeing. The streets were full, as it brought out every man, woman, child and animal out in town. The Chinese got their competition settled and we were all ready to get going with a new year with new adventures awaiting!

Happy New Years!