A Turbo Trip to Canada and El Salvador


With three weeks off work over Christmas and New Years, we were quick to make plans – quick plans! Over the course of three weeks we celebrated Christmas with my family, Norwegian Style. We then proceeded to hop over the pond to Canada in time for some Canadian Christmas cheers and celebrations before venturing on to some fun in the sun and reunion with friends in El Salvador. Continue reading


Viva Las Vegas!


Lights, sounds, people, buildings, music. You name it. Las Vegas is shock full of impressions, keeping all senses busy.

All senses alert!

We rolled into Vegas on Saturday. Just like we did in 2005 we cruised the strip before parking at the Bellagio. In 2005 we had to push our van into the parking lot since we ran out of gas. When we proceded to fill up some gas from the jerry can that we were carrying with us, the nozzle broke and spilled gasoline all over us. Walking into the Bellagio to try clean off gasoline and general dirt gathered over a week in Mexico felt like a walk of shame.

This time was a different story, it had only been 2 days since our last shower.

Honey cruised in, parked and looked good. We put on some clothes that were decently clean and walked into the Bellagio with our heads held high. We were looking for a table on the Strip to perform some serious people watching. It was busy and we didn’t find any so we got a 4 beers for $4 deal and sat on a bench. A perfect people watching session! We planned to have dinner at New York New York, so we strolled over there.

We suddenly found ourselves at the entrace to the Cirque de Soleil show Zumanity. A lady with a stagette approached us and asked if we were looking for tickets. Kyler was disappointed they were not looking for entertainment. We were not really looking for tickets as the show was in 10 minutes and we had not yet had dinner. However, when the price dropped from $86 to $25, we were all in!

We went in not knowing anything about the show. We soon discovered it was different than other Cirque de Soleil shows. Well, not that different, just waaaay less clothing… Hot in Vegas!