Departure for Alaska


Our Adventure to the North is officially on the road. After staying put in Kyler’s hometown, Edmonton, for the past couple of weeks, we are headed to Alaska. Over the next four-five days we will be driving more than 3000 km through wild and desolate country. For parts of the journey, we are more likely to encounter bears than people.


Compared to our road trip down to Panama and back, this one will be quite different. First of all, it will get cold. Second, we will be much more self sufficient. This means carrying our own food and staying in the van off the grid. We have a tank of drinking water with us, but must be sure it does not freeze. We have multiple layers of wool and warm clothes packed. Propane, bear spray and extra gas is with us. Many hours of podcasts and music downloaded. We have thought of the essentials, but could have probably done a lot more research and planning. Sometimes you just have to hit the road!

I would say we are ready to go – Into to Wild …or something like that!





10 thoughts on “Departure for Alaska

  1. Sally O'Byrne

    You realize, don’t you, that when this South North South adventure is finished, you will have to do an West East adventure. ……. Oslo to Vladivostok????

    • Thank you! We will only be in AK for just over a week. Will stop by Anchorage, but mainly stay in Seward/Kenai peninsula where we will be visiting our friend who is a boat captain šŸ™‚ Any tips as to what we should see or do?

      • A week? WTH. I am the guy from Explore Dream Discover Talks as wlell. I was hoping you guys were gonna come to Fairbanks and chill with with. Maybe even take a picture of us jumping under the midnight sun. I hope they open king salmon fishing for you bc thats the do on the kenai in May. Anchorage is north Seattle with another fantastic backdrop. If you are headed to the Kenai and it just for a week then stay there bc that area is magic. Homer winery, brewery, and Sushi’s. You’re entering serious redneck territory. Good luck and feel free to keep up the chat. SAfe travels

      • I know, I know, way too short of a time in such a magnificent and beautiful area of the world! Just got to Seward after an incredible weekend at a lodge on Skilak Lake. We love Alaska and will be back!

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