A Turbo Trip to Canada and El Salvador


With three weeks off work over Christmas and New Years, we were quick to make plans – quick plans! Over the course of three weeks we celebrated Christmas with my family, Norwegian Style. We then proceeded to hop over the pond to Canada in time for some Canadian Christmas cheers and celebrations before venturing on to some fun in the sun and reunion with friends in El Salvador. Continue reading


Welcome to Italy!


As soon as work was out this past Friday, we set out for the Oslo Airport Gardermoen. We had packed our finest weekend garments and were in vacation mode. We cruised on the highway listening to tunes and expressing our excitement about the upcoming weekend adventure. Continue reading

39 Hours in Copenhagen!


Please excuse me if I am wrong, but to many non-Scandinavians, we all seem the same. When getting to know us, however, you quickly realize that the Swedes are rather trendy and nonchalant, the Danes are into their design, casual city biking, smoking and drinking and the Norwegians are trolls that just emerged from the deep, deep woods. Continue reading

Hiking in Our Back Yard


It has been said that Parisians do not visit the Eiffel tower and that Manhattans do not bike across the Brooklyn Bridge in the morning mist. Visitors do.

Now, our little Sunday hike destination is not quite the Eiffel Tower or the Brooklyn Bridge, but the point remains the same – one tends not to go see, do and visit one’s own back yard. Being back in full swing at work and such, our time is limited and we have started exploring our local surroundings. Continue reading